House of building area up to 70m2

Project of a simple house, which uses bulding area in best possible manner, creating small but comfortable and ergonomic spaces for living and remote work for family of four. Functional plan allows to locate the buiding on any site, irrespectively of orientation to the sides of the world and roads adjacent to the site. It is designed in primary and mirrored version. Rooms inside the house are grouped in a way that provides optimal lighting for most orienations to the sides of the world and good lighting for every other orientation. Proportions of the building and small construction spans allow to use simple construction materials and use of alternative wall and roof finishes. Additionally they let effective use of volume and installation of technological devices to increase energy effectivness and electricity production by use of photovltaic panels.

Location: any

Investor: private

Useable surface: 87,46m2

Cubic capacity: 433m3

Designed: 2022