IT and data center building

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Science and Technology Park in Opole - IT and data processing center building

The complex of facilities consists of a high-tech IT and engineering design building with a data processing center and a connector building. In the IT building there is a main server room, rooms for its service and an office part with social facilities. Recreation space is located on the ground floor in the patio and adjacent space. The connector building serves as communication and connects the existing laboratory, business incubator and IT buildings into one complex, allowing easy movement between them. The IT building was proposed in a modern, simple form in the shape of a regular cuboid. The most important architectural element of the building are the facades with a cladding made of fiber-cement boards with dimensions of 1200x2400mm in three shades of gray arranged horizontally and vertically. Windows and doors with dimensions corresponding to the dimensions of the panels are integrated into the mosaic system of the fa├žade. The connector building is mostly glazed, which gives the impression of being in an open space between the buildings.

Location: Technologiczna St. 2, Opole

Investor: Opole City Hall

Useable surface: 2840m2

Cubic capacity: 16000m3

Designed: 2017