Multi-family residential building

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Multi-family residential building

The entire development was composed in the form of a C-shaped building, with its arms touching the existing buildings at Oleska Street and DÄ…browskiego Street, thus closing the quarter. The interior of the development has been designed for individual recreation in the form of terraces and gardens for the apartments located on the ground floor, as well as a leisure and recreation space with a playground for children. The building was designed in the form of a multi-staircase building from the side of ul. DÄ…browskiego and as a corridor building from the side of ul. Oleska. The ground floor from the side of ul. Oleska contains services. The building has 53 apartments on four above-ground floors. There are 68 parking spaces in two underground garages. Each of the two garages is connected to the residential part by two staircases and lifts. On the underground floor there are also technical and utility rooms, rooms for cleaning services and storage rooms. The proposed form of the building refers to the dimensions and the materials used for the neighboring buildings due to the protection of the conservator of monuments covering the entire surrounding area. (photo by Meluzyna Studio)

Location: Opole, Olestka St.

Investor: OTBS Sp. z o. o.

Useable surface: 6220m2

Cubic capacity: 27300m3

Designed: 2015