OTBS Social Housing

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OTBS social housing for elder people

The complex consists of three buildings. The space in between them serves as recreation and relax space. The apartments in the buildings are accesible by one staircase and a corridor, which is a very economical solution. There are 34 apartments (studios and two rooms apartements) in each building. Each apartment has its own loggia. The common rooms are on the ground floor and storage rooms and technical rooms in the basement. The parking pleaces for the residents are located on the terrain. The form of the buildings is simple, the white volumes were sculptured with deep loggiach, which protect from the weather conditions and give the residents the privacy. The color inside of the loggias emphasises the shape of the buildings.

Location: Dambonia St., Opole, Poland

Investor: OTBS

Useable surface: 3 buildings, each approx. 2050m2

Cubic capacity: 3 buildings, each approx. 6150m3

Designed: 2016