Tent roofing for tennis courts

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Tent roofing for tennis courts

Design and transformation of the technology of tent roof covers for tennis halls enabling its use in the fall and winter. The tent hall fully functions with sports and recreation (tennis courts) and has a maintenance of the courts throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions (within the possibility of maintaining the internal temperature). Sanitary facilities are located in an existing building near the hall. The covering of the tennis courts was designed in a classic tent for this type of facility, in the form of a two-nave arched structure with a PVC membrane covering. The shape of the tent hall follows the function of the hall, its light gray color refers to the color of the facade of the nearby building.

Location: Szałsza, Poland

Investor: private

Useable surface: 1246,5m2

Cubic capacity: 8323m3

Designed: 2020