Architectural design

ARCH-STUDIO Ltd. provides services in: architectural design, structural design, project budgeting and cost control, on-site review and supervision.


Structural and Architectural

Our objective is to provide services in: architectural design, structural design, project budgeting and cost control, on-site review and supervision.We keep and meet all our deadlines and commitments and guarantee high standards of our work.


25 years of

The office has been established in 1992 as a continuation of the established in 1988 “Autorska Pracownia Projektowa” (“Creative Design Studio”).

End to end delivery


The main goal of our work is to coordinate all the phases of project delivery – from selection of the site, design work, obtaining building permission, supervision, to the final completion of construction.


In the design process we strive to satisfy all the criteria set by the investor, seeking at the same time, ways to preserve individuality, uniqueness, contemporary design, originality and functionality to the end user. We specialize in designing big public use and industrial buildings and multi-family housing.

We have


realised buildings

We designed



We designed

300 000 m2

in total

“The highest reward for a person’s toil
is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”

John Ruskin


Latest news.

Multi-family buildings in Krapkowice – the end of construction

Construction in Krapkowice has come to an end! The multi-family residential buildings with underground garages are now complete. We are still waiting for the surrounding greenery to be planted, which will complete the image of the estate. The flats in the buildings we...

Progress on construction site of Vincent Apartments

The work is in progress at the Vincent Apartments construction site and the building is slowly taking shape. Vincent Apartments is a four-storey multi-family residential building, located in Malinka - one of the fastest-growing districts of Opole today. Here you can...

The construction in Krapkowice

The beautiful weather is helping construction work. The latest photos from Krapkowice show the state of progress of the construction of two multi-family residential buildings with underground garages. The residential buildings have been designed as four-storey...

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